Weber 4411001 Spirit E-210 Propane Grill, Black for all Grilling Needs

Weber Spirit E-210The Weber Spirit E-210 is very basic with two of the stainless steel burners with individual controls and a four hundred and fifty-eight square inch cooking area. The unit has Flavorizer bars and two cooking grates of porcelain enamel to deliver an even amount of heat all the way across the surface. Heave duty swivel coasters make the Weber Spirit E-210 2 burner gas grill easy to move and lock in place for safety.

The unit has an input of 26,000 BTUs of propane an hour and the tank is held in an enclosed cart for increased safety. The doors are painted black to match the rest of the grill and hide the tank from view. Weber Spirit E-210 parts include a warming rack and electronic crossover ignition system. The grill has been tested to ensure that there are no cold or hot spots and cooking is achieved evenly. The unit comes with a ten foot flexible hose and work surface of stainless steel. The fact that most the Weber Spirit E-210 is attractive in appearance and had a great number of positive reviews made us think it was worth taking a second look at

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This Weber Spirit E-210 2 burner gas grill weighs one hundred and twenty pounds in addition to having the following features:

  • There is an input of 26,000 BTU an hour for this propane grill
  • The cooking area is 458 square inches with flavorizer bars and cooking grates of porcelain enamel.
  • Heavy duty swivel casters that lock in place make moving the grill easy and convenient.
  • the grill measures 60 x 52 x 22 ΒΌ inches- with the lid open
  • The Weber Spirit E-210 is the idea grill for beginners


This Weber Spirit E-210 review will go over the negative and positive aspects beginning with the negative in order to paint an accurate picture for the consumer.

Some users had a problem with the grill not heating evenly and the ignition switch going out. Other users found food did not cook evenly and controlling the heat was difficult. One user found that the plates were steel covered in porcelain instead of actually being solid porcelain.

Porcelain Enameled Cooking Grates

There were users that found the unit was difficult to put together and new holes had to be drilled because the screws did not align. The fact that the Weber E-210 gas grill was so heavy was a negative point to reviewers as well.

There were a number of positive reviews for the Weber 4411001 Spirit E-210 propane grill black. One reviewer found that the unit took three hours to assemble but cooked their food to perfection. The fact that the grill came with a disposable drip pan system was a plus to users. Users found that food was heated evenly without hot or cold spots being found on the unit. The fact that overall reviewers, even negative reviewers were pleased with the performance means that we can recommend the Weber Spirit E-210 to consumers seeking to have a reliable grill for summer cookouts.

Even with only two burners the Weber Spirit E-210 was large enough to cook enough food for four people. There were users that had absolutely no difficulty with the grill at all finding it to be pleasant in appearance, sturdily built and that handled all their grilling needs effectively and efficiently.

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