Weber Gas Grills On Sale: A Name You Trust At A Great Price

Why Buy Gas Grills?

Gas grills have a lot to offer that make them preferable to charcoal grills among many people, and with a little research you can always find great gas grills on sale. Gas grills generally light faster and can be used anywhere safely since you can also turn them off immediately. Since charcoal flames take longer to put out, charcoal grills are banned in some public places like tailgating parties due to safety concerns. Gas grills also create much less of a mess when cooking; charcoal grills spread a lot of dust around that takes extra time to clean up after meals. When you are shopping for gas grills on sale, searching online can often help you find the best price.

Useful Tips On How to Select a Gas Grill

Consider whether you will use natural gas or propane gas as your primary fuel supply. Propane gas is often more expensive than natural gas, and propane tanks can also be more inconvenient to refill as opposed to simply connecting your home’s existing supply of natural gas to an outdoor grill. It is a common myth that propane gas burns hotter than natural gas, but the truth is that it’s the amount of BTU’s that a grill generates which actually determines the heat of the flame, not the fuel source.

Write down all of your top priorities for a gas grill before you start shopping. Some things to include are how many people you normally cook for, which helps you determine the size of the grill that you will need. Next consider what types of meals you plan on preparing. Many grills offer an extra side burner that people making small side dishes will love, but such a feature may be useless for people that are only preparing large main dishes outdoors. Also consider if you prefer a model that allows the use of searing plates to more evenly distribute heat and protect burners from dripping juices while cooking.

No matter which one of the many gas grills on sale you end up selecting, take care of it by keeping it covered outdoors with waterproofed canvas, which allows it to breathe and reduces condensation build-up. Any amount of condensation will lead to corrosion of a good grill over time, and a quality cover will produce great savings for you by protecting your investment for the future.

Weber Grills: Why they remain a popular choice

Weber Genesis E-310Weber brand gas grills are different than many other gas grills on sale because this company has more experience than nearly any other brand. The company was originally founded in 1893, and it was the legendary George Stevens who invented the first popular BBQ kettle grill in 1951 that led to national recognition of the Weber brand. If you ever need to get replacement parts for your grill, or if you just want some new accessories for your grill, you can easily order them whenever you want from Weber. Other brands of grills on the market are not generally made to last for 10 years or more like a Weber; furthermore, if you need replacement parts for a cheaper grill after two years you may not be able to get it when the model gets discontinued. One of Weber’s main manufacturing plants is located in Palatine, Illinois; those who visit it generally receive Weber gas grills on sale too as a reward for stopping by!

Gas grills on sale: Weber Spirit E-310 & Weber Genesis E-310

Weber Spirit E-310Among the many Weber gas grills on sale, two customer favorites are the Weber Spirit E-310 and Weber Genesis E-310. These are two excellent triple burner outdoor grills with a lot of great features. Both, for instances, have high quality stainless steel work surfaces.

The Weber Spirit E-310 generates more BTU’s per square inch of grilling area, giving it a greater heating capacity overall; however, if you want to cook certain BBQ foods on lower heat for longer periods of time, than the Weber Genesis may be a better choice for you. Porcelain-enameled heat deflectors are an extra bonus feature available on the Genesis model.

For more information about the Weber Spirit E-310 and Weber Genesis E-310 gas grills, please check out what customers had to say about them on their respective product review pages. By comparison with many other top gas grills on sale, you’ll often find that Weber grills tend to last longer and keep cooks happier.

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