Charcoal Grills On Sale – Weber Exclusive!

Weber Performer, Smokey Mountain and the old trusty One Touch SilverWeber offers charcoal grills for every occasion; what many people don’t know is that there are Weber charcoal grills on sale through the web, often with free shipping options! The Weber Ranch Kette charcoal grill is perfect for handling a large crowd’s demands; it’s rounded 37.5 inch diameter surface provides enough space for you to cook more than 10 cornish hens at once!

If you want something on a smaller scale but just as useful, then consider the Weber Performer charcoal grill that is actually a portable, personal cooking station all in one. You can find both of these great charcoal grills on sale at competitive prices. These grills are gaining popularity for many good reasons, and here are some points to consider when comparing these grills with their competitors.

Many charcoal grills on sale tend to be just overstocked items that are not actually high quality units; often they go on sale because the supplier just needs to get rid of them so they can receive at least some return on their investment. For instance, you can buy an extremely basic, 18 inch charcoal grill for less than $20 at some stores, but it will be so lightweight that you can’t expect it to remain very stable while cooking!

Weber Brand Grills Are Made To Last

Whenever you find Weber brand charcoal grills on sale, you’re really in luck. These grills are made under strict quality guidelines, including rigorous balance tests to ensure that the grill remains steady at all times – even when the hinged lid is left open. For an extra large grill like the Weber Ranch Kettle grill, the heavy duty steel frame support is warrantied to last up to 10 years for durability that you can depend on.

All of Weber’s charcoal grilWeber Performerls have bowl and lid warranties against any rust or burn though damage of up to 10 years. They are made of high quality stainless steel coated with porcelain and enamel, and feature stainless steel grates.

Both the Web Ranch Kettle grill and the Weber Performer charcoal grill also have all-weather wheels, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged no matter where you store your grill when it’s not in use. These grills are cooking units that you count on, period.

How Do these Charcoal Grills Compare to Weber Gas Grills?

Both gas and charcoal grills can produce great burgers, but if you’re going to be primarily cooking steaks and barbecue style meats then charcoal definitely gives a better flavor. Among the Weber gas grills are portable models with a convenient push-button igniter, which many people do prefer because they don’t have much time to prepare meals.

Gas is also a cheaper fuel source than charcoal. Gas also has the disadvantage of not being so safe for you to use on an outdoor patio with a roof or very close to a home, due to the possibility of the gas flame to flare up and cause fires. Charcoal grills can be lit quickly and easily by using an electric starter, as well as the classic Weber “Touch And Go” gas ignition. Overall, charcoal grills are much less of a fire hazard; furthermore, the additional smoky flavor they offer lead many to believe that charcoal grills are the best choice for outdoor cooking.

Great Weber Grill Accessories:Weber Ranch Kettle

When you’re searching online for Weber charcoal grills on sale, consider getting some handy accessories to complete your grilling experience. The Weber Performer charcoal grill has three convenient tool hooks attached to its work table, so why not get Weber’s professional three piece stainless steel set of barbecue tools to hang there? You’ll always have your tongs accessible for immediate use at this work station, without taking up any extra space.

Also, how many charcoal grills on sale have a premium cover option available? The Weber performer grill has a special cover that is custom made to perfectly fit your professional grilling station and keep it safe in storage. Weber also offers excellent grill gloves to help give you extra protection while grilling. The handy Weber char-basket charcoal briquet holders help you handle your charcoal easier and well, while also making your clean up easier after grilling.

Check out the product reviews for the Weber Performer and Weber Ranch Kettle to see for yourself what customers are saying about these charcoal grills on sale.

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